In Full Bloom

The revitalising properties of an array of flowers are at the heart of Lotus Wei’s enchanting collections.


In contemporary society, there are certain aspects of the world we live in, which we cannot escape. We are continuously tied to the technologies around us and this fast-paced atmosphere consumes us – individuals are never satisfied. However, the adverse effects these developments have on our wellbeing are infinite – they affect us on an emotional, physical and intuitive level. Lotus Wei provides a simple solution.

Inner stillness. 

Creating the ability for individuals to take ownership of the mind and body. 

Katie Hess’ exclusive flower elixirs are carefully crafted using natural plant properties of plants, which aid healing from the inside out. The aim of Lotus Wei’s flower elixirs is simple; to create world peace and ensure individuals are actively choosing this path of enlightenment. 

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A light-hearted approach to life while being physically and mentally aware is the key to being proactive and accepting; happiness is the central function of our being. 

The properties of these flower elixirs stem from their therapeutic nature – flower elixirs are arguably the future of medicine without adverse effects on our bodies.  These custom elixirs work by rebalancing the body and the mind; each scent portrays a certain emotional characteristic which you begin to familiarise yourself with, and eventually find yourself identifying with, on a personal level, as we found ourselves doing. 

The delicate science behind Lotus Wei’s products, adds to the experience as, beneficial properties of the flowers are directly absorbed into our systems without any barriers.  With water being used as a medium to absorb the natural properties of flowers. 


Product Photography: Julia Zolotova | Creative Director: Sara Ngwenya | Art Director: Jean Ardhita Muis | Illustrator: Annie-dornan Smith | Lotus Wei Products