Around this time last year, I was thick into the research of what would be my final piece of work for my undergrad career. After spending just over 2 months in a luxury fashion house, I felt the aching need to address a few things that made me uneasy about the state of our industry and in a moment of madness dare to put my own fore forward and challenge the way we produce and ultimately discard. 

My focus back then was not on today’s industry leaders, but on the future leaders of our industry, essentially us; and today, this remains unchanged.

We created Pretamuse because we felt that we were searching for something that was not there. We wanted to be a part of this dynamic industry, but no part in the tainted practices that have a disregard for preservation.

If someone wasn't going to give this to us, we were going to create this future, for ourselves and the generations to follow. Our intention has always been to inspire young creatives to dare to think outside the comfortable realms of what our industry says is correct, just because it's easy.And, to create inspiration for them by  highlight brands that are trailblazing  paths for an industry that addresses tomorrow, today, by weaving narratives that are evergreen through every aspect of their businesses. 


When we came across nine one thing that struck us was the bold manner in which she pursued a sustainable future for her brand.  Niin was born out of Jeanine’s observant eye, which, noticed a gap in the market for sustainable options. We are inspired by the way she chose to go against the current in pursuit of something that at the time and even now, might seem ludicrous, because we have grown so complacent with the damaged motions that we go through with fashion, we have become so accustomed to them and normalised them to a point of almost no return; making anything that might even hint at conscious consumption seem like a farfetched, incomprehensible idea. 

It made me think of today’s young creative; how is our education system  and  industry alike —  preparing this young creative to take leaps at a difference pace, to rethink technique and question ‘the way it's done’? To what extent do we, as young creatives realise and harness the options that we have, the ones that mean we don’t have to bow down at the altar of mass production & industry giants whose glamorous collections leave a literal  bad taste in the mouths of everything and everyone around them. 

We always feel incredibly fortunate to come across brands such as niin as they continue to remind and challenge us to keep asking questions.  They serve as a campus for the young designer at CSM to dare to think twice about binning that end roll fabric, the contour student at ManMet to question the footprint of her silk, the graphic design student at NTU to uncover the effects of paper waste. 



Photographer: Julia Zolotova | Creative Director: Sara Ngwenya | Art Director: Jean Ardhita Muis | Model: Anna Proffitt | Wardrobe: Jewelries from Niin, Wardrobe from Momoka 53 & Annais Yucramancilla | Make Up: Hattie & Hugh, Sara Ngwenya.