You: Woah is this a swimwear post! what? but summer is over!

Us: Yeah it's true... summer is over, but do not fear, this is going somewhere & well its summer somewhere, and (Insta) postcards from May & Hugo assure us of that! 

Besides such an entry is best shared with the helpful hand of hindsight.


I like to think of this as the sequel to Growing pains because 3 months ago we found ourselves going from being students, and directly into the mouth of ‘the big world’ 

we are grateful for the smoothness of the transition because we did not even feel the quaking of the transit — that was until, our friends, upon their return from various coastal getaways, draped in a newly browned glowing skin, routinely asked us about our summer since graduation and how it was spent. After a few head scratches, the faintest whispers escaped our lips - ‘we worked…..?’, as they a ghastly piped up “ Seriously guys, you worked all summer! like, what you mean to say is.. you basically didn’t have a summer!” — which I’m not sure I’d completely agree with.. because what does it really mean have a summer? If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to see it, has it really fallen? Such are the important questions we should ponder. But, let me return to my point.

We would like to give all the credit to the fact that we love our job, and so even a summer of work is not really a summer of work, but rather just a charming hobby — but credit has to be given where it is due, and we have to acknowledge the power of consciously taking small moments to re-boot, because, even though our summer was filled with briefs and deadlines, it was also filled with moments of relaxation and sneaky lie ins here and there, we wanted to consciously make the effort to unwind so lo and behold, we hit up that google search button, and well, we stumbled on some indisputable knowledge (like, scientifically proven and everything, I think), according to google, swimming is not only great for abs (eyy ab squad where you at! JK) but it is also an amazing stress reliever, we took this with a pinch of salt and tested the waters with educated caution. We can confidently report back with great results of heightened work relationships and team bonding, so...  y’all have 5 months to prepare your  co-od office swimsuits)


Alongside swimming, we came across the usual jargon (very useful jargon) of activities that are great for relaxation and de-stressing, we brushed most of those away and cut right to the good stuff! Eating made the top of the list and, please believe we did not hold back (not that anyone needed to tell us that) however, as you know its not the eating that matters but rather the what, eating natural sugars such as fruit sugars was the jam of our summer snacks, in the office … we would also like to take this opportunity to confess to a few large coffees too, we can tell you this because we are all friends here, no judgement. 

We soon realised that paying attention to all your senses was a big factor, so music naturally cropped up next (Many thanks to Gregory Porter, and Hillsong for their unfailing support through the trying, scorching summer) 

As did the expected culprits such as yoga ( guys! we discovered the joys of HOT YOGA, just wow!) what a saver. Yoga allowed us to tune into a mindset that communicated to the rest of our systems that we were sweating out the week and its stresses, something of a physical and literal renewing for the new week ahead.

While all these google suggested stress relievers proved great for what we like to call ‘how to work your summer away without hating it 101’ the best one was the most effortless. I think we all know this one but often take it for granted; time spent with friends, your nearest & dearest. Jean’s occasional, across the table hisses that threatened to end her laptop’s life after one too many photoshops freezes was the best sound after a morning of emails, and meetings, and not to put words in anyone’s mouth but if Jean was here she would say “Sara’s beautiful outbursts of singing are like angles humming a little concert in my ears”.. yeah, she would.


Maybe this transition was seamless because we love what we do so much that not even summer can compete, but we also have the feeling that it has a lot to do with being intentional, intentional in setting habits, intentional in following through, intentional in seeking, intentional in choosing to work over the summer for intended results



Photographer: Julia Zolotova | Creative Director: Sara Ngwenya | Art Director: Jean Ardhita Muis | Models: Anna Proffitt & Thema Bedwei | Wardrobe: MyMarini, May & Hugo Swimwear, Rae Feather Bags from Platform London, Jbeebe Sandals, Kitty Joseph Sunnies