Playing for Keeps

Nothing lasts forever, but maybe some things can transcend a single season and even better, a generation. 


Much like a good Netflix series and good food, there are some things in life that we start to feel the desperate need to hold onto. In our case, this looks like certain pieces in our wardrobe and friendships. These two things, which, believe it or not, make quite the perfect pair, continue to push us to value and understand the true joys of quality over quantity — especially as we get older.

When we came across Veryan, we tried to imagine the story behind the clothes, aside from being incredibly beautiful, they made us think of something that is a true keepsake. In their nature, the dresses carry themselves in a way that lets you know that they are outwardly & innately, more than just seasonal pieces -- we began to grasp this as we inspected the richness of the  fibres & craftsmanship behind these pieces; permitting ourselves to imagine the stories and seasons that these pieces could walk into, with us.


Their promise of uncompromising longevity reminded us of lasting friendships; their versatility, strength, and constant presence through life’s different seasons. 

This was an important observation, which, might have been linked to some emotional ties that stemmed from watching younger siblings taking the first steps into journeys where ‘you will make life-long friends'. This observation prompted some important questions — what does it take to make these lasting relationships? Is it all about quality from the beginning? or maybe, it is in the unknown beginnings, but, it comes down to the attention that is given along the way? Both seem to hold indisputable relevance.

In light of our wardrobes, it made us think about the hows — how do you decipher what is a commodity and what is simply a right now fling? How do you make a purchase that will be as relevant ( to you personally) 5 years from now as it is right now?




MAKE SPACE FOR SIMPLICITY - allow pieces that can fit into various pieces of your life. You will know these pieces from their silent conviction and in time, you will acknowledge them with the names faithful & loyal, you won’t have to search them too much; they will narrate their own stories from the way they will allow themselves to share a space with your already existing commodities. 

They will not mind housing a turtle-neck, in the same way, that they will not mind the idea of taking a supporting role that allows their counterparts to lead. They will do this, all the while knowing that they can confidently stand as singulars that do not require to be spoken for. They will carry themselves from season to season, amplifying the core of sustainable fashion.



Photographer: Julia Zolotova | Creative Director: Sara Ngwenya | Art Director: Jean Ardhita Muis | Hair & Make Up: Charlotte Eden | Wardrobe: Dress by Veryan, Bags from Rae Feather, Jbeebe sandals, & Momoka 53 scarf