Making Greener Strides


I can’t quite put my finger on when it happened, but, somewhere along the way- I started to question the contents and impact of the products that lined my vanity and every morning would get to work to make me look ‘beautiful’. 

It manifested itself into a pressing conviction that I knew would not subside unless it was fed. 

As a digital native, my first instinct was to scour the net, in other words - the rabbit hole! My rabbit hole led me to words such as parabens, Facebook posts that spat out a vocabulary which denounced animal cruelty for the sake of beauty, and passionate voices, set against the backdrop of bedrooms turned into DIY filming set choosing products that work for your skin not just today, but 10 years from now. Here, I found the beginning of the long winding thread into the world of Green beauty.


but namely the lack of access to appropriate products after my transition to greener beauty choices.

Leandra Medine’s convincing piece about the power of going make-up free definitely eased the pain & the realness of the struggle.

The Green beauty industry has had what I feel is a slow growth, which became incredibly magnified during the search for variation in foundation shades and lipsticks that were matte but not drying, moisturising but not deprived of long-lasting colour. 

I brought the curtain down on this period I like to call my ‘year long siesta from make-up’ after being exhausted of looking exhausted. I had to find a foundation & concealer! ( There is a whole conversation around this, and I appreciate that, but, all I'm saying is, it was final year.)


With a little fire in my belly, I stumbled upon Beingcontent, a BRITISH BASED, (yes you heard right, they are actually based in the UK! no blood pressure inducing shipping prices) green beauty e-commerce. Whilst I managed to find the few needle in the haystack products that worked for me; namely Vapour organic lipsticks, I was still in oblivion about products such as foundation, as dried out concealer sticks  from green brands reminded me that my search was far from over. 

This started the next chapter  I like to call ‘let the lips do the talking’ - an exciting time in my life really because lipstick was the only piece of makeup housed in my make-up bag, vanity & face — 

And well, as my only weapon, I wanted to stock up; get variety! so naturally I typed into google “UK-based organic/lipstick brands’ I should mention that I had done this before, only to get endless hits for US based brands *sigh* But something was different this time, I got a new hit “Hattie & Hugh”, the website had a new market, new products from BRITISH-based companies that I had not yet explored! With the fear of sounding too romantic I have to say, my My foundation search came to an end shortly after this little encounter.

A year-long search to find a greener choice of foundation for my skin tone highlights the problem with  the lack of range and diversity of products. A  factor I believe, sadly deters many from exploring green beauty route; a ‘movement’ whose benefits reach far beyond, those we reap, such as peace of mind from hormone disrupting and cancer causing ingredients, but also stretch to other benefits such as protection for our furry friends.

However, platforms such as Hattie & Hugh are evident of the progress and territory that we are walking into with green beauty as they play home to brands that are championing diversity in an industry that is build on the understands that; it is not the job of beauty to house an ugly interior.



Photographer: Julia Zolotova | Creative Director: Sara Ngwenya | Art Director: Jean Ardhita Muis | Models: Victoria Zoe India, Momoka Gomi, Annalise Peters, Trishna Daswaney | Make Up: Trishna Daswaney using Hattie & Hugh | Wardrobe: Kitty Joseph